Reuniting A Veteran With His Long Lost Harley Davidson

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Dwain, a 70 year old Army veteran, was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. During his treatment, Dwain and his son Mike shared very intimate stories on his deathbed. Mike once asked him if he had any regrets, to which he responded that he only regretted selling his 1982 Harley Davidson FX Wide Glide big bore. Mike vowed to his dad that he would find him his old bike. During the 3 year search, Dwain somehow through either the marvel of modern medicine or the will of God managed to pull through and went into full remission. After his dad made his recovery, they put the search on hold. Shortly after, Mike and myself came up with the idea to use my YouTube platform to find his fathers old Motorcycle. With nothing but a bill of sale and 2 photos from the 80's, my YouTube audience and the hero himself, Richard Ford, was able to find the current owner of the motorcycle and gave us the contact information. After a 5000 mile journey to Tacoma, Washington, Mike and myself found ourselves face to face with Dwain's old motorcycle. Here are the events that unfolded after...


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